15 Effective Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

Want to promote your podcast on Instagram? Use this guide to learn 15 expert tips guaranteed to help you craft posts that boost growth & drive success.

23 days ago   •   11 min read

By Yvonne Ivanescu

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has transformed from a simple photo-sharing app to an expansive social media behemoth - embracing everything from breathtaking photography to dynamic videos.

With over 2 billion active users scrolling, liking, and engaging daily, Instagram presents an incredible opportunity for podcasters to showcase their work, connect with a broader audience, and weave their narratives into the visual tapestry of this platform.

But how do you cut through the noise and truly shine on Instagram? We’ve compiled 15 proven strategies to help you harness the energy of Instagram.

Ready to learn our Instagram tips and tricks? Let’s go.

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Why Use Instagram to Promote Your Podcast?

Instagram is the ultimate playground for getting your podcast out there. Think about it - you’ve got Stories for those quick, fun peeks into what’s happening behind the mic, Reels for grabbing attention with bite-sized highlights, and IG Live to chat with your audience in the moment. And that’s just scratching the surface of what you can do on Instagram.

It’s like turning your podcast into a visual festival - where every video clip, post, photo, or live session draws your listeners closer. With Instagram, you’re not just broadcasting episodes but building a community. It’s all about giving a face to the voice, stirring up excitement for what’s coming next, and engaging with your audience.

So, jumping into Instagram’s world means tapping into a culture of storytelling that complements podcasting. It offers an immersive way to showcase the personality behind the voice, attract a devoted following, and build a community.

15 Great Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

Now we’ve convinced you to set up an Instagram account for your podcast, it’s important to note that using Instagram to promote your show requires a strategic action plan. So, here are 15 methods to help you maximize your reach on the platform, draw in new listeners, and create a new sense of community around your show.

1. Create the Perfect Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is your billboard on the digital highway, so make it count. Like TikTok, Instagram functions like a search engine, meaning that when crafting the perfect Instagram bio, you should consider your primary and secondary keywords.

But what does this mean, exactly? If you open the Instagram search bar and type in “lifestyle + podcast”, what will pop up? Probably, a whole list of podcasts that have included both of these keywords somewhere in their title, name, or description.

So, what is it that you want to be found for? What are the keywords you hope someone types into the search bar?

Consider including what your podcast discusses directly in your display name to enhance searchability. This isn't just about being found; it's about being seen by the right people. Your bio should also briefly summarize your podcast, offering a taste of what listeners can expect. This could range from the themes you explore to the tone of your discussions.

And don't forget the call to action (CTA). This is your chance to direct potential listeners exactly where you want them to go. Place a compelling CTA just above the clickable link in your bio. Something straightforward like “Listen to Episodes Here” will do the job.

Now, the link. You have two choices here. First, you can include a link to your podcast or use a free or paid tool to create a landing page with multiple links to your bio. The most popular tool is Linktree. Another option is to create a link in bio landing page in Canva.

Why use a landing page? They’re a great option if you have multiple things to offer - such as a Facebook group, a newsletter opt-in, a group chat, a Patreon link, or a website link.

2. Use Instagram Reels for Viral Snippets

Instagram Reels offer the perfect format to capture the essence of your podcast episodes in bite-sized, engaging videos primed for sharing.

But how do you make these snippets stand out? First, think about the most compelling moments in your episodes - those golden nuggets of wisdom, hilarious one-liners, or profound insights that can spark curiosity. These are your hooks. Pair these audio gems with visually appealing footage or dynamic animations that add an extra layer of engagement. Remember, even a simple, well-timed text overlay can amplify your message.

Don't shy away from using trending audio or hopping on the latest Reels challenges to increase your visibility.

Finally, always include a call to action. Remember, Reels aren't designed to shuttle viewers off to a link. They're about keeping the engagement on Instagram. So, cap off your Reels with a CTA that encourages on-platform interaction. So, for example, prompts like “read the captions for more” or “comment on your favorite moment” are key.

3. Collaborate With Other Creators

Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. And this is especially the case on Instagram. Collaborating with other creators can open your podcast to a new audience. Look for influencers, podcasters, or content creators whose work aligns with your podcast’s theme. Then, reach out for guest spots, shoutouts, or co-created content.

This diversifies your content and introduces your podcast to potential listeners who trust and value your collaborator's opinion. Remember, the key is to find synergy – collaborations should feel organic and mutually beneficial, creating a win-win for both parties and their audiences.

When you collaborate with someone on Instagram, tag them as collaborators in your post or Reel. Once they accept, the content will not only be shared but will also appear in the grid of both your accounts. This amplifies your reach, ensuring your collaborative effort gets the visibility it deserves across both audiences.

4. Share Listener Reviews & Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than your listeners' praise. Sharing reviews and testimonials on Instagram can significantly boost your credibility and attract new followers. Consider creating eye-catching graphics or short video clips that highlight positive feedback from your audience.

Don’t forget to tag the reviewers if you can (with their permission), making them feel valued and part of your podcast’s community. This shows potential listeners the impact of your podcast and encourages them to share their thoughts, knowing they might get a shoutout.

5. Host Live Sessions

Dive into the world of Instagram LIVE to bring an immediate, interactive element to your podcast promotion. Live sessions are a perfect opportunity to host Q&As, discuss upcoming episodes, or invite guests for live interviews. It's a real-time way to deepen your connection with your audience, allowing them to engage directly with you. 

Plus, hosting live sessions can pique the interest of those who haven't tuned in yet, giving them a taste of what your podcast offers. Remember to announce your live sessions in advance, giving your followers a heads-up so they can join in the fun.

Many people will probably forget about your preplanned Instagram LIVE, so one thing you can do is share a countdown in your Instagram Stories. People can turn on reminders and share your countdown in their stories.

6. Take Advantage of Features in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories isn't just about sharing moments; it's a powerhouse of features designed to boost engagement and interactivity with your audience. Dive into polls to get instant opinions on episode topics, use questions to gather listener queries for a Q&A session, or employ countdown stickers for upcoming episode releases or live events.

These interactive elements make your audience feel involved and provide valuable insights into their preferences and interests. Leveraging these features turns Stories into an essential tool for building a dynamic, engaged podcast community on Instagram.

7. Put together Highlight Albums

On Instagram, Highlight Albums are those little circles you see right under someone's bio. They let you keep your Stories around for more than 24 hours so people can watch them anytime. You can group your Stories into different albums based on themes - like funny moments, episode teasers, or listener shoutouts. 

This way, anyone new to your page can quickly get a feel for what your podcast is all about by tapping through these highlights. It's a neat trick to showcase the best bits of your podcast journey and ensure all the cool stuff you post has a permanent home on your profile.

8. Share a Podcast Link in Your Story

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to get your podcast out there is by sharing a direct link to it in your Instagram Story. Platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify make this super easy by allowing you to share links directly into your Stories. With just a couple of taps, you can have a Story up that not only talks about your latest episode but also takes your followers straight to where they can listen. 

Look for the share option in your podcast platform, select Instagram Stories, and voilà, you’ve got a direct bridge from your Instagram to your episodes. Plus, you can spice up these Story shares with stickers, text, and whatever creative flair you feel like adding, making the invitation to listen even more enticing.

9. Create Carousels for In-Depth Content

Carousels are your go-to on Instagram when you have more to say or show than what fits in a single post. These multi-slide posts let you share up to 10 photos or videos at a time. They are perfect for diving deep into topics covered in podcast episodes, creating mini-storylines, or sharing detailed insights and highlights.

Say you’ve got an episode packed with juicy content, or a guest that just kept dropping knowledge bombs - break it down into bite-sized pieces and spread it out over a carousel. This format lets your followers swipe through at their own pace, absorbing the richness of your content bit by bit. It’s a great way to engage your audience with more substantial content without overwhelming them, encouraging them to spend more time with your post. Plus, it adds a dynamic layer to your feed, making your profile an intriguing space for potential new listeners to explore.

10. Leverage Hashtags 

Hashtags are like the breadcrumbs that lead followers straight to your content on Instagram. Incorporating relevant hashtags into your posts makes it easier for people interested in your podcast's themes to discover you. Mix it up with a combination of popular, niche, and custom hashtags related to your podcast. This could include broader ones like #PodcastLife or specific tags related to each episode's content.

And don’t forget to create a unique hashtag for your podcast. This helps track conversations about your show and fosters community among your listeners. Remember, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but the sweet spot often lies in using around 11 to 15 targeted ones.

11. Post Your Audiograms

Audiograms are those cool, animated soundwaves you see on social media paired with a snippet of audio from your podcast. They’re a visually appealing way to share a taste of your content on Instagram. Pair your audiogram with an engaging image or background that reflects the episode’s theme, and you've got a powerful tool to catch the eye and ear of potential listeners scrolling through their feed. Tools like Headliner or Wavve can help you create these audiograms easily.

Remember to include a captivating caption and leverage those hashtags to get your audiogram seen by a wider audience. Posting audiograms is a fantastic strategy to intrigue new followers and remind your existing audience to tune into your latest episode.

Audiograms generate 5x more traffic compared to static images.

12. Engage Directly With Your Audience

Direct engagement on Instagram isn’t just polite, it’s powerful. When followers comment on your posts, take the time to reply, thank them, or even ask a follow-up question. Slide into their DMs to answer questions or share exclusive sneak peeks with loyal listeners.

This direct line of communication makes your audience feel valued and seen, transforming passive listeners into active participants in your podcast community. Hosting Q&A sessions in your Stories or going live to discuss podcast topics can also ramp up engagement, making your audience feel like they’re part of the conversation, not just on the receiving end.

13. Use Actionable Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Every post, story, and reel should guide your audience on what to do next. A strong, clear CTA is your nudge to get them moving in the right direction - whether it's “Link in bio for the full episode,” “Comment your thoughts below,” or “Share this with a friend who needs to hear it.” These small prompts can significantly increase engagement and listener numbers by making the next steps obvious and easy. Don’t leave your audience guessing. Use CTAs to steer them towards listening, engaging, and sharing.

To find out more about how to write a good podcast call to action, check out the article below:

How to Write a Good Podcast Call to Action in 7 Easy Steps

14. Run Instagram Ads

To truly amplify your podcast's reach, consider investing in Instagram Ads. With the ability to target ads based on interests, location, demographics, and more, you can pinpoint your ideal audience with laser precision. Whether promoting an audiogram, a launch announcement, or a highlight reel, ads can help your content break through the noise and land in front of potential new listeners who are already inclined to enjoy your content.

Start with a small budget to test which ads resonate best with your target demographic, then refine and scale up your strategy based on the results. Running ads is a strategic move to ensure your podcast reaches and captivates the audience you seek.

To learn more about paid ad promotion, check out the article below:

Paid Podcast Promotion: 7 Strategies to Transform Your Reach

15. Optimize Posting Times & Be Consistent

Finding the sweet spot for when to post on Instagram can make a huge difference. Use Instagram Insights to pinpoint when your audience is most likely scrolling and aim to post your content during these peak hours. But it’s not just about timing; consistency is key. Establishing a regular posting schedule keeps your podcast fresh in the minds of your followers and helps maintain a steady stream of engagement.

Balancing optimal posting times with a consistent content calendar ensures your podcast reaches its audience and becomes a regular part of their Instagram experience. This strategy keeps your listeners engaged, anticipating your next post and helps attract new followers to your podcast.

Is Instagram Right for Your Podcast?

Before jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, consider whether it's the right platform for you and your podcast. Let’s be real: there is never enough time in the day, so why spend it on a platform that won’t give you any results in the long run? Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is whether your target audience is on Instagram.

Data shows that Instagram is particularly popular among individuals aged 18 to 34, who constitute over 60% of the platform's user base. So, if your podcast is designed to resonate with young adults and Millennials, Instagram is the perfect place for you.

Remember your audience can’t be everyone. If you haven’t already, create your podcast avatar. Understanding your podcast avatar, or ideal listener, involves more than just pinpointing demographics; it's about delving into psychographics - the attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria that paint a detailed picture of their personality and behavior. This includes age, gender, interests, career focuses, values, and the specific challenges they face.

Additionally, it's important to consider your podcast's unique selling point (USP) or specific pain points, and why your listeners choose your show. This in-depth knowledge will help you decide which online platforms to leverage and inform you of the type of content you’ll create on said platform.

Final Thoughts: Promoting Your Podcast on Instagram

Diving into Instagram with a clear strategy elevates your podcast from just another voice in the vast digital ocean to a beacon for engaged listeners. By crafting the perfect bio, leveraging reels, collaborating with creators, and engaging directly with your audience, you lay down the tracks for growth and community building.

Remember, success on Instagram is a blend of creativity, consistency, and genuine interaction. Keep your content fresh, your interactions genuine, and your strategy dynamic. This way, you'll not only capture the attention of new followers but turn them into loyal listeners of your podcast.

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