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7 months ago   •   1 min read

By Mike Cunsolo

As grows, so does the demand for new and exciting features.

But building products around trends as opposed to what people want are two entirely different things. That's where you come in.

Submit Ideas, Upvote Existing Ones

So we can make informed product decisions, we're asking for your help.

Take a moment to skim through the existing backlog. Others might be on your wavelength, so upvote existing entries and add your voice by commenting. But if you're first inline, submit your entry for review.

"No idea is a bad idea" - your voice matters and it helps build a better product.

Feedback Decorum (Read Before Submitting)

Suggest features, vote up existing submissions, and share your thoughts.

But please provide as much information as possible so others understand the feature you would like to see implemented. Status requests change periodically, so we can't guarantee any ETA for features in development. We don't provide support or respond to queries via this form. For help, contact support.

The feedback form is public and regularly moderated. Any posts containing inappropriate material will be removed and the offender will be banned.

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