How to Craft the Perfect Podcast Press Release (w/ Template)

A podcast press release is key to getting journalists to talk about your show in the media. Not sure why, how, or what to include? This article is for you.

5 months ago   •   8 min read

By Yvonne Ivanescu

Podcast press releases are an often-overlooked gem within the podcast industry's marketing arsenal. As a podcaster, a well-crafted podcast press release has the potential to introduce your show to thousands of eager eyes (and ears), ready to consume each episode.

But how do you craft the perfect press release? In this article, we’ll not only unveil the art of creating an effective press release, but we’ll also dive deep into the why, when, and how of writing one that will secure you a media mention for your podcast.

Let’s dive in…

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What Is a Podcast Press Release?

A podcast press release is a short, informative document designed to announce news related to your podcast. Like any other press release, its primary goal is to get the attention of the media, bloggers, and other key players in the podcast industry.

It can spotlight a new show, the arrival of a new season, major guest appearances, or any significant milestones your show reaches. By packaging this information in a concise and appealing format, a podcast press release becomes a powerful tool to promote your show and boost its presence in the ever-expanding world of podcasting.

Why Write a Podcast Press Release?

As mentioned previously, at its core, a podcast press release is meant to create buzz about your show - it's a tool to promote your podcast to the world.

When you publish a press release, you give your podcast a chance to shine. It's a great way to attract new listeners who might have never heard of your show. You may have just started a new season or had a big-time guest on. Sharing this news can get fans excited and attract media attention.

Speaking of media attention, reporters and bloggers always search for the next big thing. So by sending them your press release, you're essentially making their job easier and increasing the chances of them talking about your podcast. This boosts your show’s visibility and can lend credibility to it. When people see your podcast mentioned in the media, they're more likely to hit the play button.

In essence, a podcast press release creates buzz and helps get you better results regarding visibility and audience growth.

When Should You Write a Podcast Press Release?

Timing is everything, especially in the fast-paced world of podcasting. While you might feel the itch to send out a press release for every minor update about your podcast, it's essential to pick the moments that will genuinely resonate with your audience and the media. Here are some prime times to consider:

When You’re Launching a New Podcast

It's the beginning of your podcasting journey, and you'll want the world to tune in from the get-go. A press release can introduce your podcast, the concept, the podcast host, and why it's worth a listen.

When You’re Starting a New Season

Whether it's your second season or your tenth, every new set of episodes brings fresh content, some new themes, or exciting guests. It's the perfect time to generate some hype.

When You’ve Got a High-Profile Guest

Scored an interview with an exciting guest or covered a trending topic? Moments like these can garner media interest and can significantly boost your listener count.

When You’ve Achieved a Podcasting Milestone

You may have hit a particular number of downloads or episodes, or even received an award. Celebrating these achievements publicly can reinforce your podcast's success. Lastly, even if there's a change in the podcast's branding or you're joining a podcast network, that’s a solid reason to alert your audience and the media.

While a podcast press release can highlight major news, its main aim isn't just about the news itself. It's primarily designed to catch the media's eye, creating a bridge for your podcast's story to reach a broader audience.

How to Craft the Perfect Podcast Press Release in 4 Steps

Crafting a compelling podcast press release isn't just about jotting down some facts about your latest episode. It's about presenting those facts in a way that grabs attention, is easy to digest, and makes your news irresistible.

Here's how you can make sure your press release stands out from the rest:

1. Pay Attention to the Structure

Every press release, including those for podcasts, follows a specific structure that professionals and media outlets are familiar with. Sticking to this format ensures your news is taken seriously and is easy for readers to follow. Here's a basic breakdown:

→ Title: This is your hook. Make it snappy and relevant, and immediately let readers know what your news is about. Perhaps it's "Introducing [Podcast Name]: The New Podcast That Dives Deep Into [Topic]" or "Season 2 of [Podcast Name] Features an Exclusive Interview With [Celebrity Guest]."

→ Date Line: Positioned right at the beginning, it typically includes the city of origin and the release date. For instance, New York, August 30, 2023.

→ Body: This is where you delve into the details. Start with a strong lead summarising the most crucial information, followed by supporting paragraphs expanding on your news. Remember to stay concise and to the point.

→ Boilerplate: Think of this as the "about" section. A short paragraph or two about your podcast. Who's the podcast host? What themes do you cover? How often do you release episodes? This gives context to anyone unfamiliar with your show.

→ Contact: This is crucial. Provide contact details, whether it's a journalist looking for more information or a potential advertiser wanting to contact you. This usually includes the name of the PR contact, phone number, and email address.

Ensuring your podcast press release follows this structure is the first step to making sure it's professional, readable, and effective.

2. Don’t Forget the 5Ws

The essence of any great story or announcement boils down to the classic 5Ws. Ensure your podcast press release covers these basics. Let's delve into them:

  • Who: Introduce yourself and the creative minds behind the scenes. Who are the hosts, producers, and collaborators?
  • What: Dive into the heart of your podcast. What topics or themes does it address? Who's the intended audience? What unique angles or perspectives are you bringing? 
  • When: Timing is critical. Specify the release schedule of your episodes. Is it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? 
  • Where: On which platforms or directories can they find your podcast? Make it easy for them by adding a direct link.
  • Why: This might be the most crucial aspect. Share your motivation behind the podcast. Are you filling a gap in the podcast industry, sharing personal experiences, or offering educational content? Clarify your podcast's mission and vision.

By addressing the 5Ws, you offer a clear, full-bodied picture of your podcast, ensuring nobody's left with lingering questions after reading your press release.

3. Share Resources

A podcast press release should give journalists and media outlets everything they need at their fingertips. Add high-resolution images, like your podcast logo or shots from recording sessions, to provide them with ready-to-use visuals.

Include standout quotes from the podcast host or notable guests for compelling soundbites. And, if available, provide links to episode snippets or relevant clips. These resources enrich your release, making it easier for media professionals to showcase your podcast effectively.

4. Keep It Short

Brevity is a virtue. Journalists and media professionals often sift through numerous press releases daily, so your podcast press release needs to make an impact quickly. Avoid overwhelming them with too much jargon or unnecessary details. Instead, focus on concise, clear, and compelling content that highlights the unique aspects of your podcast show.

Remember, the aim is to pique interest and convey the essence of your podcast in a limited space. Keep it brief, ensure every word counts, and prioritise the most crucial information about your podcast to maximise its appeal.

Free Podcast Press Release Template

To help you write a good podcast press release, we’ve put together a free template for you to use. Don't forget to customise appropriately.

A template of a podcast press release.

This template is just an example podcast press release, but it should provide you a solid starting point ensuring you hit all the essential points while keeping it concise and to the point.

Sending Your Press Release

After all the hard work of crafting the perfect podcast press release, the next logical step is to send it out. But to whom? Navigating the media world can be daunting, but your press release can land in the right inbox with the right approach.

Where to Find Journalists

So, where do you find journalists to pitch to? LinkedIn is an excellent place to start. Look for people who have written about podcasts, especially new launches or podcast advertising. Social media sites like X (formally known as Twitter) and Instagram can also be goldmines. Many journalists share their work there, and they might even ask for stories or sources. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is another great place to start.

If you want to step things up, consider hiring a PR company or someone who knows media relations, specifically someone specialising in audio, podcasting, and radio. They have the contacts and can help get your press release to the right people.

But finding journalists is just one piece of the puzzle. How you reach out to them is just as important.

How to Reach out to Journalists

Reaching out to journalists requires more than just a well-written press release; it demands a human touch. Building rapport is the cornerstone of public relations.

Before you drop that email or send that message, invest some time to familiarise yourself with the individual’s previous work. Understand their beat, their style, and their audience. This insight will tailor your pitch and show the journalist you've done your homework.

Remember, journalists often wade through a sea of emails daily. A generic, one-size-fits-all message is a sure ticket to the trash folder. Instead, craft a personalised note. Mention an article they wrote that resonated with you or a podcast episode they reviewed. Express genuine interest in their feedback or coverage for your podcast. This approach doesn't just increase the chances of your press release being read - it kickstarts a two-sided relationship that can be beneficial in the long run.

Always Follow Up

When you send out your podcast press release, your work isn't over yet. It's crucial to follow up. Journalists are swamped with pitches, and your message might get buried in their inbox. A gentle reminder 2-3 times can help get your podcast the attention it deserves.

But don't be discouraged if you don’t get a response. It's a numbers game: you might send out 50 pitches and get just one bite. While waiting, make the most of your press release. Share it widely, especially on your podcast's website. Keep your spirits high and remain persistent.

Ready to Start Crafting Your Podcast Press Release?

Crafting the ideal podcast press release takes effort, but it's a valuable tool for promoting and creating a successful podcast. With attention to detail, a focused message, and persistence, you'll not only keep your audience updated with the latest podcast releases and podcast news but also enhance your podcast's visibility and grow your listener base.

Remember, all the podcast work you put in is about getting the word out and connecting with your audience. Keep pushing forward, and soon enough, the results will speak for themselves.

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