How To Invite Guests To Be Interviewed On Your Podcast

To book the best possible guests for your show, you need to know how to write a good pitch. Here are some key things to include.

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By James Mulvany is an amazing tool for podcasters, opening up opportunities for both shows and guests alike to find each other. Finding the right guest for your show can help you reach a new audience whilst also giving your listeners a fresh new perspective. So there are a ton of benefits to hosting a guest on your podcast.

But much like any matchmaker, it can only take you so far. Great guests can receive multiple pitches a week and they can be very particular when choosing which show to go on. In order to get it right, your pitch to a potential guest has to be considered carefully.

There is a finesse to inviting guests onto your podcast and we’re here to show you how.

You Won’t Always Win

The reality is not all guests you pitch to will agree to be interviewed. And that’s ok - you can’t win em’ all. But the aim is to send a pitch that will boost your chances by showing your potential guest the value you can offer them

That’s why it is really important to understand what kind of guest you are looking for, why you are looking for them, and what you want to achieve by having them on your show. You also have to know what you have to offer your guest, like social media collaboration or a platform for them to share their product.

When you are ready to start looking for the perfect guest for you, get familiar with how to use the filters on MatchMaker. Create a list of guests that you like the look of and save them by clicking on the purple heart, which adds them to your Favourites section.

Doing Your Research

To craft the perfect pitch, you have to know who you are pitching to. Doing your research on the guest is your best bet of creating a pitch they will be enticed by.

You can research your guest in the following ways:

  • Find their socials - are they on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube?
  • Check out their website and read the "About" section.
  • Listen to a few previous interviews they've done on other shows.
  • Do they have their own podcast? Listen to a couple of episodes.

Doing this basic research will assist you with tailoring your pitch. It will give you an understanding of how they communicate, what their vibe is like and most importantly - it will assist you in personalising your pitch to them.

Crafting a Great Pitch

Now that you have a list of guests you are ready to approach, let’s consider what you should include in your pitch:

Be polite: Chivalry is not dead so don’t forget to be polite. You don’t have to be over the top but make sure you use their name and ask open ended questions to prompt conversation.

Explain why you chose them: Why do you want them on your show? This is a great time to use some of that research you’ve done and drop in a detail about their sound or episodes or expertise.

Include some topic ideas: What topic ideas did you have in mind for them? Be specific but flexible because they may come back to you with their own suggestions.

Draw attention to any value you can offer: Do you have an existing following on social media? Do you get hundreds of listeners each week? Will you go out of your way to promote the episode? Make it clear to your guest that there’s something in it for them too.

Proofread: Proofread your pitch! There is nothing worse than doing all that work just to have spelling mistakes or missing words. Edit what you wrote carefully.

Close with an easy call-to-action: End your pitch with a request for a response and provide your preferred contact details

Don’t forget to follow up: If you don’t receive an immediate response, and this is a guest you would really like to hear from, don’t be scared to send a follow up email. There is no harm in letting them know you are interested in their time, but you want to wait for around 5-7 days before emailing again!

There are also a few things to avoid:

Do not send a blanket pitch: In case you’re wanting to skip all of the above - don’t. It may seem like extra work, but creating a blanket pitch to send to all your guests will be spotted a mile away and most popular guests won’t bother responding.

Do not write a novel: Try to keep your pitch succinct. At best, potential guests will skim read what you send, so writing something that’s three pages long won’t benefit you. Keep it simple and to the point.

Start Inviting Guests!

You're now ready to start sending pitches. With thousands of members on MatchMaker, you should have no dramas in securing the perfect guest for your show.

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