35 of the Best AI Tools for Podcasters in 2024

AI can help podcasters cut costs & enhance content quality. Not sure where to start? Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the many tools available.

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By Yvonne Ivanescu

Hey podcasters, we get it. You're juggling a million different things at once - recording, editing, promoting, engaging with your audience, and more. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

AI is here to help streamline your podcast process, saving you time and money. Wondering what tools to use? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive guide on AI tools will help you with whatever you need for your podcasting journey.

Let’s go…

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AI Tools for Planning Your Podcast

Planning a podcast involves numerous tasks - from brainstorming topics to organizing content. But AI tools can significantly streamline this process, saving you time and ensuring consistency. Here are some of the top AI tools to help you plan your show effectively.

1. ChatGPT

AI tool ChatGPT's website homepage.

The end-all-be-all AI tool that took the world by storm, ChatGPT (developed by OpenAI), can assist you with just about anything - including podcast planning. It can help brainstorm topics, draft scripts, generate episode outlines, and suggest interview questions.

ChatGPT ensures your content remains engaging and relevant by providing context-specific prompts. Additionally, it can simulate conversations, helping you refine your podcast’s structure and flow.

5 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Podcasters Create Engaging Content

Price: Free, with premium subscription options for more advanced features.

2. ContentShake AI

AI tool ContentShake AI's website homepage.

Semrush's ContentShake AI is designed to assist podcasters and content creators in generating high-quality content ideas and outlines. By analyzing current trends and data, it suggests relevant topics and keywords to help your podcast stay topical and engaging.

This tool provides content optimization tips, ensuring your episodes are structured for maximum impact and SEO performance.

Price: Part of the Semrush suite, starting at $119.95/month.

3. Alitu Showplanner

Alitu Showplanner's website homepage.

Alitu’s Showplanner is an AI-driven tool tailored explicitly for podcasters. It helps organize episodes, plan content, and manage recording schedules. The intuitive interface allows you to structure your shows efficiently, keeping track of segments, guest spots, and ad placements. 

Alitu also integrates with other podcasting tools, making managing your entire podcasting workflow easier from one platform.

Price: Included in Alitu's subscription, starting at $38/month.

AI for Content Creation

What about content? Creating engaging podcast content is essential for retaining and growing your audience, and AI tools can also help with the content creation process. From generating ideas to drafting scripts, here are some of the top AI tools that can help podcasters produce high-quality content efficiently.

4. Jasper

AI tool Jasper's website homepage.

Jasper is a powerful AI-driven content creation tool perfect for long-form content and advanced features. It assists podcasters by generating scripts, show notes, and promotional content. With its advanced language processing capabilities, Jasper can create engaging and coherent content based on minimal user input.

It can also help with idea generation, providing fresh topics tailored to your show’s niche. By automating the content creation process, Jasper allows podcasters to focus more on refining their delivery and engaging with their audience.

Price: Basic plans start at $29/month, with higher-tier options offering more advanced features and higher usage limits.

5. Copy.ai

AI tool Copy.ai's website homepage.

Copy.ai is another AI tool that helps podcasters generate creative content. The difference between Copy.ai and Jasper is that it’s a better option if you’re looking for short-form content on a budget.

It offers a range of templates for different types of content - including episode outlines, social media posts, and email newsletters. Copy.ai uses advanced algorithms to craft personalized content that resonates with your target audience. It can also help brainstorm ideas, ensuring you never run out of fresh and engaging topics for your episodes.

Price: The Pro plan costs $35/month, which includes unlimited content generation and access to premium features.

6. Writesonic

AI tool Writesonic's website homepage.

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps podcasters create scripts, show notes, and marketing copy. Its advanced natural language processing algorithms can generate high-quality content quickly, saving podcasters valuable time.

Writesonic offers features like content rephrasing, idea generation, and even SEO optimization - ensuring your podcast content is engaging and discoverable.

Price: The basic plan starts at $25/month, with additional features available at higher tiers.

7. The Podcast Script Generator

The Podcast Script Generator's website homepage.

This AI tool is designed for podcasters who need to generate scripts quickly. It offers a simple interface where users can input their topic, and the tool generates a draft script in seconds. This is ideal for podcasters who are short on time or need a starting point for their episodes.

The Podcast Script Generator helps ensure your content remains fresh and engaging without spending hours on scriptwriting.

Price: Free to use, with premium features available for a fee.

AI for Editing & Production

Editing and producing high-quality podcasts can be time-consuming. AI tools can streamline this process, ensuring professional results with less effort. Here are some of the top AI tools for editing and production that podcasters can leverage.

8. Descript

AI tool Descript's website homepage.

Descript offers comprehensive audio editing, transcription, and voice synthesis features. It allows podcasters to edit audio by editing text, making the process intuitive and efficient.

It also includes features like filler word removal, multitrack editing, and overdub (which lets you create a synthetic voice clone to fix mistakes without re-recording).

Price: The basic plan starts at $12/month, with advanced features in higher-tier plans.

9. Auphonic

AI tool Auphonic's website homepage.

Auphonic automates audio post-production tasks such as leveling, noise reduction, and audio restoration. It’s designed to make your recordings professional by balancing loudness levels, removing background noise, and applying filters.

Auphonic can also generate transcripts and add chapter markers, making it a versatile tool for podcasters looking to streamline their post-production workflow.

Price: Free for up to 2 hours of audio per month, with paid plans starting at $11/month for additional hours and features.

10. Resound

AI tool Resound's website homepage.

Resound is an AI-powered editing tool that scans your audio tracks and suggests improvements. It can automatically edit and clean up recordings, removing unwanted noise, and enhancing audio quality.

Resound also offers features like automatic leveling and EQ adjustments, making achieving a polished final product easier without extensive manual editing.

Price: Free tier, with premium plans starting at $12/month for more advanced features.

11. Cleanvoice

AI tool Cleanvoice's website homepage.

Cleanvoice removes filler sounds, stuttering, and unwanted noises from your audio recordings. It uses advanced AI algorithms to detect and eliminate these imperfections, ensuring clear and professional-sounding podcasts.

Cleanvoice supports multiple languages and can handle varied accents, making it a versatile tool for podcasters worldwide.

Price: Approximately $10/month for 10 hours of audio processing.

AI for Podcast Music

If you want some music to add to your podcast, AI tools can help generate original music tailored to your needs. Here are two top AI tools for creating podcast music.

12. Suno

AI tool Suno's website homepage.

Suno is an AI-powered tool that generates music based on user inputs. You can specify the genre, mood, and even the topic of the music you need. Suno then creates original compositions that match your specifications, making it an excellent tool for podcasters who want custom music for intros, outros, and background tracks.

Price: Free tier available, with paid plans starting at $10/month for more features and higher usage limits.

13. Melobytes

AI tool Melobytes' website homepage.

Melobytes is an AI music platform that can create songs from lyrics or images. It offers a variety of creative tools, including text-to-speech features and the ability to generate music videos.

Podcasters can use Melobytes to create unique theme music or background scores that enhance the listening experience.

Price: A free tier is available, and premium plans with additional features and capabilities start at $14/month.

AI for Podcast Translation

AI tools can provide high-quality translations and help podcasters efficiently deliver their content in multiple languages. Here are two top AI tools for podcast translation.

14. Eleven Labs

AI tool ElevenLabs' website homepage.

Eleven Labs offers high-quality AI voice translation services in multiple languages. This tool can generate voices that are nearly indistinguishable from human speech. It is perfect for translating podcast episodes while maintaining natural delivery. With support for various accents and tones, Eleven Labs ensures your content resonates with a global audience.

Price: Tiered pricing plans are available, with basic features starting at free and going up to $5/month, with more advanced plans costing up to $99/month.

15. HeyGen

AI tool HeyGen's website homepage.

HeyGen is designed to create videos with AI avatars that support multiple languages for translations. This tool allows podcasters to generate translated video content featuring AI avatars that can mimic your mannerisms and voice.

It's an excellent solution for podcasters who want to produce multilingual video content without extensive reshooting or dubbing.

Besides translation, HeyGen’s mission is to allow users to create studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices. This is perfect if you don’t like showing up online but rather have an avatar.

Price: HeyGen offers tiered pricing, starting from a free plan, with paid plans available at $24/month and $72/month for more advanced features.

AI for Podcast Transcription, Marketing, & Distribution

Using AI tools for transcription, marketing, and distribution can save podcasters time, money, and effort. Whatever you need, these tools can help. From automating processes, creating social media posts, and transcribing audio, here are the top AI tools for marketing.

16. Otter.ai

AI tool Otter.ai's website homepage.

Otter.ai is an AI-powered transcription tool that converts audio recordings into text quickly and accurately. It offers real-time transcription, which is highly beneficial for podcasters who need immediate text versions of their episodes.

Otter.ai also integrates with popular video conferencing platforms, making it easy to transcribe interviews and discussions. The tool provides interactive transcripts allowing users to highlight, comment, and share specific sections.

Price: Free plan available with limited features. Premium plans start at $8.33/month (billed annually).

17. Rev AI

AI tool Rev AI's website homepage.

Rev AI is known for its high-quality transcription and captioning services. It uses a combination of AI and human transcriptionists to ensure accuracy. Podcasters just need to upload their audio files and Rev will deliver precise transcripts with quick turnaround times.

The tool also offers captioning and foreign subtitle services, making it versatile for podcasters who need to reach a wider audience.

Price: $1.50 per audio minute for transcription services.

18. Buffer

AI tool Buffer's website homepage.

Buffer is an AI-driven tool for social media management. It helps podcasters schedule and post content across various platforms. Users can plan and queue posts in advance, ensuring a consistent online presence.

Buffer also provides analytics and insights into social media performance, helping podcasters optimize their marketing strategies. Buffer's user-friendly interface simplifies engaging with your audience and promoting your podcast.

Price: A free plan is available. Paid plans start at $15/month for essential features, with higher-tier plans offering more advanced capabilities.

19. Later

AI tool Later's website homepage.

Later is an AI-driven social media scheduling tool that helps podcasters plan and publish posts across multiple platforms. It provides visual content calendars, auto-scheduling features, performance analytics, an Instagram caption generator, hashtag suggestions, auto-publish, and more.

Price: Free plan available, with paid plans starting at $12.50/month.

20. Capsho

AI tool Capsho's website homepage.

Capsho is an AI-powered tool designed to assist podcasters in creating marketing content. It generates episode titles, descriptions, social media captions, and promotional emails from your podcast audio.

Capsho helps streamline the content creation process by providing ready-to-use copy that enhances the visibility and reach of your episodes. Its advanced algorithms ensure the generated content is engaging and tailored to your target audience.

Price: Tiered pricing plans are available, starting with a free trial. Paid plans start at $29/month.

21. Ausha’s Social Media Manager (ChatGPT)

AI tool Ausha's website homepage.

Ausha leverages ChatGPT to generate social media posts for podcasters. By analyzing your podcast content, it creates tailored posts that can be scheduled across various platforms. This integration ensures your social media presence remains active and engaging without the need for constant manual updates.

Price: Part of the Ausha platform starts at $39/month.

22. Podsqueeze

AI tool Podsqueeze's website homepage.

Repurpose your podcast content with one click with Podsqueeze. This AI tool is designed to streamline the process of repurposing podcast content into various marketing formats. It can generate blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters from your podcast episodes.

By automating these tasks, Podsqueeze allows podcasters to maximize the reach of their content without additional effort.

Price: Free trial, with paid plans starting at $19/month.

23. Dubb Media

AI tool Dubb Media's website homepage.

Dubb Media is an AI tool that automates the creation of marketing content for your podcast. Based on your podcast episodes it generates show notes, social media posts, transcripts, and even newsletters. Dubb Media's AI can tailor content for platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter, making promoting your podcast across various channels easier.

Price: Starts at $24.99/month.

24. ToastyAI

AI tool ToastyAI's website homepage.

ToastyAI is a tool specifically designed to help podcasters with content creation and marketing. It touts itself as the #1 marketing tool for podcasters. It can generate engaging social media posts, optimize podcast descriptions, and provide SEO-friendly titles. ToastyAI's natural language processing capabilities ensure its content is relevant and compelling.

Price: Custom pricing is available based on usage and features required.

AI for Audience Engagement

In podcasting, a loyal community of listeners is key, but sometimes, you might not have the time to answer every single email or comment. This is where AI tools come in to help enhance listener interaction and provide personalized content. Here are two top AI tools for audience engagement.

25. Fanlist

AI tool Fanlist's website homepage.

Fanlist is an AI-driven platform that helps podcasters build and manage their audience. It provides tools for creating personalized newsletters, automated email campaigns, and targeted messages. Fanlist uses AI to analyze listener data and engagement metrics, helping podcasters understand their audience better and tailor their content accordingly.

Price: Custom pricing based on features and usage.

26. BHuman

AI tool BHuman's website homepage.

BHuman.ai is an AI tool that creates personalized videos to engage with your listeners. By recording a template video, BHuman’s AI generates customized versions for each recipient, making it appear as though each video was individually created.

This level of personalization can significantly boost listener engagement, helping you build stronger, more personalized connections with your audience.

Price: Custom pricing based on usage and features required.

AI for Video Podcasts & Video Clips

Creating engaging podcasts or clips requires high-quality recording and efficient editing tools. AI can streamline these processes, ensuring professional results with less effort. Here are some top AI tools for video podcasts.

27. Riverside.fm

AI tool Riverside.fm's website homepage.

Riverside.fm is a browser-based platform offering high-resolution local recording and AI-enhanced transcriptions. It provides uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio recording and up to 4K video resolution, ensuring top-tier quality.

Riverside’s AI features include automatic transcriptions in over 100 languages and smart text-based editing, linking transcript edits directly to the video.

Price: Free plan available, with paid plans starting at $19/month.

28. Autopod.fm

AI tool AutoPod's website homepage.

Autopod offers Adobe Premiere Pro plugins designed to automate video podcast editing. These plugins simplify tasks like multi-camera editing, jump cuts, and creating social media clips. Autopod’s AI-powered features identify silent parts of videos and automatically edit them, saving podcasters hours of manual work.

Price: Available as part of Adobe Premiere Pro plugins, pricing is based on Adobe subscription plans.

29. Adobe Podcast

AI tool Adobe Podcast's website homepage.

Adobe Podcast is an AI-powered tool for audio and video recording and editing. It includes advanced features like text-based video editing, remote recording capabilities, and an Enhance Speech feature that uses AI to improve audio quality. The platform also offers a Mic Check tool to ensure optimal audio setup.

Price: Free plan available

30. VEED.io

AI tool VEED.oi's website homepage.

VEED.io simplifies video editing with AI tools, making it ideal for creating engaging video podcasts. It offers features like auto-subtitles, background noise removal, and video trimming. It also has cool Eye Tracking Software that uses AI to help direct your eye movements to the camera. Translation: You can read scripts unnoticeably.

VEED.io also includes a variety of templates and effects to enhance your video content, making it easy to produce professional-looking podcasts.

Price: Free plan available, with paid plans starting at $12/month.

31. Headliner

AI tool Headliner's website homepage.

Headliner is an AI tool designed to create promotional video content for podcasts. It automatically generates engaging audiograms and video snippets from your podcast episodes, making sharing highlights on social media easy. Headliner also offers features like auto-transcription, which can be used to add captions to videos, ensuring your content is accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

Price: Free plan available, with paid plans starting at $7.99/month for additional features and higher usage limits.

32. Opus Clip

AI tool Opus Clip's website homepage.

OpusClip is an AI-powered tool for creating short clips from longer video content to promote on social media. It repurposes long videos into shorts in just one click.

It uses AI to automatically identify critical moments in your videos and automatically generate engaging clips. This tool is handy for podcasters looking to repurpose their content and increase their reach on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Price: Pricing information is available upon request.

33. HeyLisa

AI tool HeyLisa's website homepage.

heyLisa.ai is a chat-based AI video editor tailored for podcasters. It helps create short clips from longer podcast videos for social media platforms like TikTok, Reels, and YouTube. By simply chatting with Lisa, users can transcribe videos, generate captions, and create branded clips quickly and easily.

Lisa also offers features like cutting silences, auto-zoom, face tracking, and adding background music, making video editing as easy as texting a friend.

Price: A free plan is available for up to 3 clips a month, with paid plans starting at $12/month for up to 30 clips and $30/month for up to 90 clips.

AI for Cover Art & Logos

Not the best artist? Not a problem. Yes, logos and cover art are important for branding your podcast, but you don’t need a designer to nail the perfect podcast brand image.

34. Canva (Magic Studio)

AI tool Canva's website homepage.

Canva is a popular design tool that offers various AI-driven features to enhance your design process. Canva’s Magic Studio is where all of Canva’s AI tools are located.

Here, podcasters will find tools like automatic clip highlighting and background noise reduction for video editing, a text-to-graphic image generator for producing icons, graphics, and illustration-style designs, and a text-to-video option. Canva has also introduced Magic Write to help put your ideas into the right words.

Price: A free plan is available, and paid plans with additional features and higher usage limits start at $12.95/month.

35. Midjourney

AI tool Midjourney's website homepage.

Midjourney is an AI-powered platform known for generating high-quality, creative images. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to transform text prompts into visually appealing graphics. Podcasters can use Midjourney to create unique cover art and logos that stand out. By simply describing the desired image, Midjourney generates detailed and artistic designs that can be used for various branding purposes.

Price: Subscription-based pricing, starting at $10/month for basic features, with higher tiers available for more advanced capabilities.

Final Thoughts: AI Tools for Podcasters

AI tools offer a significant advantage for podcasters by streamlining various aspects of podcast creation - from planning and content creation to editing, distribution, and branding. Leveraging AI tools for different podcasting needs can help you save time and enhance the quality of your podcast.

Embracing these technologies allows podcasters to focus more on delivering great content while ensuring their workflow is efficient and their output professional.

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