The Podcast Guest Academy: How to Get Booked as a Guest

Learn how the Podcast Guest Academy can help you get booked as a podcast guest, and find the relevant audience for you.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Mike Cunsolo

Setting up your own podcast is an achievement in itself. But when you’ve finished patting yourself on the back, there’s a few other things to think about. How to get yourself some guest bookings, and how to get the best guests onto your podcast.

But rather than abandon you to fend for yourself, or leave you scrolling through endless online resources, we'll help you out. So, have you considered entering into MatchMaker's Podcast Guest Academy?

Stick with us for 5 minutes and we'll take you through what it's about, what you'll gain, and any other bits of information you might need.

What’s The Podcast Guest Academy All About?

First things first. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with what The Podcast Guest Academy even is? Spread across 5 modules, the course aims to give you the tools needed to for getting booked as a guest, and expanding your own personal brand.

So what exactly will you learn? Modules cover:

  • Tips for nailing your initial pitch to podcasters
  • Outreach strategies
  • How to find the right audiences for your stories
  • Preparing for your interview
  • Recording tips & techniques to help you sound your best
  • What happens post-recording

If you haven’t already thought about being a guest on podcasts, James Mulvany, founder of makes it easy. In fact, his bespoke method has seen him get booked onto more than 200 podcasts (either as a host or guest) over the last few years. And as your course tutor, you’re in safe hands. Check out what he has to say about the course below:

James Mulvany, founder of

What Do You Need to Know About the Course?

We get it. Creating and producing a podcast is time consuming. Especially if you're juggling it with a full-time job. There’s no time-limit with The Podcast Guest Academy, though. So don’t worry about juggling the course on top of other deadlines and priorities.

The 5 modules last around 2 hours in total. They can be completed in a single afternoon, paced out over the course of a week, or done in longer sessions. The choice is yours.

Ready to Join The Podcast Guest Academy?

Preparing to be a podcast guest can be a daunting prospect if you’re going in cold. So that's why The Podcast Guest Academy covers everything from the initial research stages, down to preparation and post-recording.

For a quick yet efficient way of maximising your podcast opportunities, The Podcast Guest Academy is an invaluable step in the process. So whether you’ve just set up your podcast and are looking for ways to market it, or you’re a successful CEO wanting to voice your success on a number of shows, enrol today.

Share Stories. Expand Your Network. Build Brand Awareness.

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