Using MatchMaker’s Conversational Booking & Feedback Features

Learn how to use MatchMaker’s 'Conversational Booking' features to book, review, and communicate with your collaborators faster and easier.

20 days ago   •   4 min read

By Louise Forster

Scheduling bookings on MatchMaker just got much easier thanks to our ‘Conversational Bookings’ feature.

All MatchMaker users are now able to add their preferred booking link to their profiles (guest and show), send direct booking requests in the integrated messenger, review their collaborators, and display feedback on their profiles.

These four new stages are guaranteed to make the booking process simpler, quicker, and easier. So, let’s have a quick look at each stage below.

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One of the most requested features we’ve had since launching is to allow users to use their preferred calendar service to make bookings, rather than the platform’s integrated system.

So, we listened.

Users can now use services like Google Appointments, Calendly, HubSpot, SimplyMeet, and more to schedule appointments. Better still, they can add their booking link to their profile. This means they’ll not only be able to showcase their availability to potential collaborators more readily, but they’ll also be able to schedule appointments easier.

To set this up, simply go to your profile, click Edit, and add the link towards the bottom of the page. Like this:

Send Booking Requests Directly Within Conversations

Our improved booking flow means users can now send booking requests directly within conversations. So, it'll be much easier to communicate with potential collaborators, and it'll take the hassle out of scheduling appointments. Once a request has been made, the recipient will have the option to either accept (and book a date / time), or decline.

So, if someone sends you a booking request, you’ll get this message:

If you accept the request, it’ll look like this:

And if you decline the request, it’ll look like this:

The user who sent you the invitation will be notified of your response either way.

Rate, Review, & Award Your Collaborators

Once the initial booking request has been made, both parties will now be invited to rate, review, and award their collaborators. This new feature is designed to enhance the platform's user engagement, and gather feedback on overall experience.

So, whether you’ve accepted a booking request or made one, you’ll be automatically asked to share your thoughts 1 week after the initial booking was made. Like this:

Users will also be able to give their collaborators awards. These awards serve as indicators of reliability, and provide valuable insights for other users. By recognising trustworthy and reliable participants, the feature facilitates better decision-making and fosters positive experiences within the MatchMaker community.

Once a user has received feedback from someone they've collaborated with, they'll then have the option to showcase what's been said about them on their profile. To do so, all they'll need to do is activate the Show on profile toggle, like this:

The feedback will then appear on their profile, like this:

Ready to Start Conversational Booking?

Now you’re an expert at using ‘Conversational Bookings’, it’s time to start putting it into practice.

Log into your MatchMaker account to start making and taking booking requests today. Not got a profile? Don’t worry, just click this link to sign up for free!

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With more than 70,000 members, is the largest online community connecting podcasters & guests.

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