10 Mental Health Podcasts Looking for Guests

Are you a mental health expert? These 10 podcasts are ideal for sharing your knowledge, advice, coping strategies, mindfulness tips, & more with new audiences.

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By Fauzea Shah

Mental health podcasts play a crucial role in promoting mental well-being, providing education and support, and empowering listeners to seek help if needed. They aim to break down the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health. And they set out to create a more open and compassionate society and provide safe spaces for open conversations.

But that's not all. These podcasts provide listeners with stress-busting techniques, mindfulness practices, coping strategies, practical tools for dealing with trauma, and so much more. And because audio is so accessible and convenient, listeners can tune in to this valuable and important content from wherever they are.

So, if you’re a mental health professional with knowledge or insight to share, podcast guesting is a great way of spreading your message and reaching new audiences.

To help you get started, we’ve searched the MatchMaker.fm database to find 10 of the best mental health-related podcasts for you to be a guest on.

Let’s dive straight in…

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1. Self-Belief Chief Podcast

Hosted by: David Hulman

The Self-Belief Chief Podcast delves into the crucial aspects of mental health, wealth, and relationships. Its aim is to guide listeners in overcoming self-doubt and fostering confidence in the most significant areas of life. Through practical strategies and inspiring narratives, this podcast empowers individuals to conquer self-doubt and embrace a fulfilling existence. Recognizing that self-belief influences individuals' daily lives, episodes invite listeners to embark on a transformative journey toward unlocking their true potential.

David (the host) is a certified life & career coach, author of Thinking Lies: Learning How to Believe in Yourself, and founder of Self-Belief Chief. He helps high performers with career advancement or change, offering valuable guidance and empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

2. Dear Mind, You Matter

Hosted by: Dr. Angela Phillips & Matt Cardone

The Dear Mind, You Matter podcast engages in an ongoing conversation with mental health experts and other specialists, aiming to demystify mental health conditions, explore treatment options, and provide actionable insights for improved mental well-being. Episodes strive to equip listeners with the necessary tools and resources needed for them to take proactive steps toward caring for their mental (and emotional) health.

Angela and Matt, hosts of the podcast, represent Advanced Recovery Systems, LLC. Angela is a licensed therapist and clinical researcher with expertise in suicide prevention, cognitive behavioral therapy, and innovative treatments. Matt Cardone is a transformational leader who drives positive change through collaboration, insights, and strategic planning.

3. Magenta FM

Hosted by: Louisa Barnum & Rachel Hazlett-Karr

Magenta FM is a podcast sharing unique ideas and methods for improving relationships and mental health. Episodes explore spiritual perspectives and provide solutions to common challenges. They also discuss real-life stories, sensitive topics, and ways to improve interactions with others. By embracing a different approach to healing, these episodes help listeners transform their dynamics and discover the hidden aspects that influence their well-being.

Louisa and Rachel are the hosts and founders of Magenta FM. Louisa is an experienced executive coach, consultant, and musician specializing in overcoming adversity, fostering partnerships, and promoting social justice. Rachel, a journalist turned social entrepreneur, founded startups to challenge norms and promote positive change. Her personal journey of healing and spiritual exploration influences her compassionate leadership style.

4. The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Kristen Eccleston

The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast amplifies the voices of the neurodiverse youth facing mental health challenges through stories of resilience and triumph. It explores the fear and stigma associated with being different and celebrates the creativity and knowledge of neurodivergent individuals. Each episode features inspiring interviews with successful neurodivergent individuals that offer hope and encouragement, helping listeners embrace their neurodiversity and break free from societal norms.

Kristen (the host) is the founder of The Neuro Diverse Teacher. She is also an education consultant, speaker, and mental health advocate.

5. The Lived Experience

Hosted by: Joel Kleber

The Lived Experience podcast delves into topics such as young carers and bipolar. Episodes aim to create conversations and highlight stories of growing up with a mental illness in the family. By spreading mental health awareness, the podcast sheds light on lesser-known issues and emphasizes that mental health advocacy extends far beyond depression and anxiety. Listeners can gain awareness, find support, and realize they’re not alone in their experiences.

The host, Joel, is the CMO of Australia's largest franchise, Jim's Group. After overcoming personal challenges, he shared his story to raise awareness about young carers and children impacted by mental illness, garnering national attention.

6. The Happy Employee Podcast

Hosted by: Mike O’Hara

The Happy Employee Podcast explores a wide range of mental health topics and draws on the host’s personal experiences in navigating common conditions. It caters to business leaders and HR professionals responsible for their teams' well-being. Episodes provide practical advice to help leaders support their employees, whilst also emphasizing the importance of individual self-care and caregiving. Listeners can expect engaging discussions that foster happier work environments.

Mike O'Hara (the host) is the Director of Training at Start Within. He’s also an RAF Veteran, and has been recognized for his services to mental health and wellbeing within the Armed Forces.

7. No Shame On U

Hosted by: Wendy Singer & Miriam Ament

The No Shame On U podcast brings together professionals and educators, and advocates for important discussions around mental health. The show is committed to breaking the mental health stigma, encouraging those who need help to seek it, and equipping family members and friends with the tools needed to provide proper support to loved ones. The ultimate goal is to save lives.

Host Wendy is the Director of Programming at No Shame On U. She has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, including notable roles at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and JCC Chicago. Miriam (host) is the founder and Executive Director of No Shame On U. She’s a passionate advocate for encouraging open conversations about mental health and breaking down societal barriers.

8. Next Page Podcast

Hosted by: Todd Adamson & Laura Patrick

The Next Page Podcast welcomes experts, celebrities, and everyday individuals as guests to discuss overcoming trauma. Episodes dive into the impacts of trauma and daily struggles, aiming to discover healing strategies for people and society. With a focus on hope and optimism, the podcast explores brighter futures after difficult times.

Todd Adamson is an award-winning actor, singer, and co-founder of 4Corners Productions, having previously starred in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Laura Patrick is an attorney, entrepreneur, and marketing specialist actively involved in local charities.

9. Giving Voice to Depression

Hosted by: Terry McGuire & Dr. Anita Sanz

The Giving Voice to Depression podcast is a weekly show addressing depression and suicide through intimate, candid conversations. Its goal is to reduce the mental health stigma, promote understanding, and increase awareness of these topics. By sharing personal stories, episodes aim to provide peer support and save lives.

Host Terry McGuire is an award-winning journalist. Dr. Anita Sanz (host) is a licensed psychologist and co-founder of Sanz & Sanz Psychological Associates LLC. She specializes in psychotherapy, life coaching, and authored A Year to Change: The Support Book.

10. The After Hours Lounge

Hosted by: Sandy Clunas

The After Hours Lounge podcast presents genuine conversations about life, mental health, self-care, and men's well-being. Through engaging and meaningful discussions, guests share their stories to find common ground, offering valuable lessons to enhance the lives of listeners. Exploring important topics in-depth, the podcast delves into effective ways to cultivate a happier brain.

Sandy Clunas (the host) is a driven freelance social media manager, podcast host, and lead commentator for the FPT (Freestyle Pro Tour). With expertise in social media management, content creation, and event presentation, Sandy brings a passion for mental health and water sports.

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