David Fradin: A Day in the Life of a MatchMaker.fm User

As part of MatchMaker’s user showcase, author and product success consultant David Fradin takes us through a day in his life as a MatchMaker.fm user.

9 days ago   •   3 min read

By Louise Forster

David Fradin is an author and product success consultant. Since 1969, he’s built successful products at organizations including Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Apple, where he was at the same management level as Steve Jobs. David also heads a professional development company which specializes in building products, product management, and product marketing. Drawing on his vast experience, he’s gone on to train thousands of managers across not only 75 products and services, but also at 11 startups.

As part of our user showcase, we’re highlighting some of the voices within the MatchMaker.fm community. So we caught up with David to learn more about what inspired him to start guesting on podcasts, and what an average day in his life looks like as a MatchMaker.fm user.

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What Inspired You to Start Guesting on Podcasts?

My purpose for appearing on podcasts is to enhance my brand, gain recognition as an expert, and drive traffic to my website to help sell my product management training and consulting.

A photo of David Fradin.

How Do You Use MatchMaker.fm to Find Great Shows? 

Each month, MatchMaker.fm sends me an email with a list of podcasts they think I’d be interested in appearing on - typically themed around business or entrepreneurship. If I see one I like and think I’d be a good match for their audience, I’ll send them a message within the integrated messenger. It might sound like this, for example:

Hey. I would like to offer myself as a guest on your podcast - I can speak about the five keys to product success. You can learn more about me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfradin/

I’d say about 60% of the shows I reach out to respond positively - they’ll either ask me for a pre-interview or we’ll immediately schedule the appearance. This is usually done by the built-in calendar scheduling link.

What Happens on the Recording Day?

Most shows will let me know either on a pre-interview call or shortly before the recording which software will be used. Most use Zoom or Google Meet - both have a green screen capability whereby I can pick my background.

Shortly before the scheduled interview time, I’ll sign in and wait for the host.

After a few minutes of casual back and forth between myself and the host, we’ll start the recording. The host will usually introduce themselves first, and then me (I’ll often supply them with a brief bio, a profile picture, and any relevant links I’d like to share prior to the recording).

Then, the interview or discussion will begin. They’ll usually keep it casual and ask me about myself, my life's journey, and my experience before we get into the key discussion points.

What Happens After the Interview? 

After the interview (usually a few days later), the podcast host will edit the recording and send me the link.

If all is well, I’ll post the link to my website and share it on my social feeds - i.e. LinkedIn, sometimes Facebook, and Medium. Doing so gives me a chance to draw in additional viewers and get backlinks to my website for enhanced SEO.

If you’d like to book David as a podcast guest, you can connect with him on MatchMaker.fm.

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