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Check out some of the most influential women in the community and join us in celebrating International Women’s Day.

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By Neve Robinson

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re showcasing some of the inspiring women within the community.

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to honour the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and to raise awareness about gender equality and women's rights worldwide. It’s a chance to spotlight women’s accomplishments, and here at we aim to do just that.

Below we’ve featured some podcasters, thought-leaders, and potential guests who are using the platform to express their lived experiences as women in their particular industries. As we mark International Women's Day, let’s be inspired by the work of these exceptional women, listen to their valuable insights, and actively engage with their platforms.

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Jewels A

Jewels A is a master-of-all-trades - National Physique Committee award-winning bodybuilder and author of bestseller The Making of A Woman to name a few. Though Jewels is a strong woman in more ways than physical, as she is currently 16+ years sober. She offers refreshingly honest, authentic insights about recovery and her own navigation through personal struggles both within her book and on her podcast appearances. In her own words, her story is not a typical recovery story and is “about removing the expectations and the dogma of society and instead being guided by love and empathy.” American member Jewels has been a guest speaker on over 20+ podcasts by using the platform alone - including Bounce Back & Thrive and The Rex Andrew Show, and is keen to feature on more.

Jewels has extensive knowledge and experience in wider discussions about mental health, alternative lifestyles, trauma, and sobriety. As a podcast guest she can offer engaging conversation on everything from health and fitness to sexuality. 

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Pearl Lewis

Pearl Lewis embodies the essence of resilience and empowerment as an LGBTQIA+ professional life and leadership coach. Pearl guides her clients through the profound journey of healing mind, body, and soul. Drawing from her personal encounters with PTSD and her courageous coming out story, Pearl infuses her coaching with authentic empathy and invaluable insights. Moreover, her remarkable transformation through a plant-based vegan weight loss journey (shedding over 80 pounds and embracing a sustainable lifestyle) serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking holistic wellness. Beyond her coaching endeavours, Pearl's multifaceted talents extend to singing, acting, and even serving as a mortgage lender on the side. Her diverse skill set reflects a deep-seated passion for enriching others’ lives and fostering inclusivity. 

With a wealth of knowledge in supporting individuals with disabilities and nurturing healthy relationships, Pearl eagerly seeks opportunities to share her wisdom and experiences. Through appearances on podcasts, she aims to spark meaningful conversations and connections regarding her work and how it can help others.

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Lottie Ellington

Lottie Ellington stands as a luminary figure within the burlesque and podcasting community. As a Black, queer woman over 40, her presence in the Burlesque industry offers a unique perspective. Following her formative years in Virginia where she meticulously honed her craft, Lottie’s return to Michigan has seen her be embraced as one of Detroit's beloved performers. Lottie and her fellow performers in the over 40s Burlesque community defy conventional norms of age in the industry, leveraging their platform to champion social justice with a blend of love, humour, and wisdom. Lottie assumed the mantle of Headmistress at the Ellington Academy of Burlesque in July 2020, a historically Black Burlesque Academy. On a local level, she shares her expertise by teaching Burlesque fundamentals alongside a consortium of performers, nurturing the next generation of talent. 

Podcast hosts seeking dynamic and insightful discussions on LGBTQIA+ arts and burlesque need look no further than Lottie Ellington, whose vibrant presence and unwavering advocacy promise to enrich any conversation under the expansive umbrella of queer culture and performance art. With a treasure trove of captivating experiences to draw from, Lottie is a sought-after podcast guest, eager to delve into discussions on decolonizing burlesque and dismantling systemic barriers. 

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Jennifer Norman

Jennifer Norman is founder of The Human Beauty Movement. It was created with the intent of nurturing radical self-love and celebrating authentic self-expression. With 20+ years in the beauty industry, Jennifer can share her expertise on all things ethical beauty and self-empowerment on your podcast. Drawing from her ebullient life experiences, she captivates audiences with her jaw-dropping stories. Jennifer advocates for radical self-acceptance and expression. On podcasts she reflects on her own journey often - Jennifer navigates themes of beauty standards, self-esteem, and manifestation. Her son Kyle is her biggest inspiration. As a female founder and advocate for mission-driven businesses, Jennifer's work with The Human Beauty Movement reflects her commitment to radical inclusion and social impact. Additionally, she shares humorous anecdotes from her dating escapades and showcases her expertise as a podcast host, blending eloquence with a deep understanding of audience interests. 

With a BS in Marketing from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Georgetown, Jennifer Norman is a dynamic force shaping conversations on beauty, empowerment, and purpose-driven living - making for a fascinating guest.

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Jimi Okubanjo

Jimi Okubanjo is the visionary behind the inspiring documentary ARISE FIREBIRD: Women of Color Transcending Workplace Trauma which celebrates the resilience of women and BIPOC professionals within their respective industries. The London-based TEDX talker and ex-corporate executive is dedicated to addressing the alarming crisis facing women of colour in the workplace through her work. Jimi's unique fusion of hilarious storytelling and evidence-based analysis empowers her to question conventional thinking and motivate leaders of companies to reassess their strategies, methodologies, and perspectives. Jimi’s aim is to inspire leaders to take action towards a more equitable and supportive environment for all.

Jimi’s humour and knowledge on navigating the business world as a Black woman is a real asset to any podcast. If a guest speaker with knowledge in business diversity, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, and enjoyable stories is what you’re looking for, Jimi is the perfect choice.

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Rachel Mpala

Rachel Mpala is a gender bias mentor and spoonie living with five autoimmune diseases. Having experienced years of gender bias and discrimination in the workplace, Rachel realised that when voicing her frustrations she always seemed to be met with the phrase “you just have to work harder.” As she was moving up in her career, she yearned for a woman role model who was high enough in her career’s hierarchy that could actually make an impact, and who was bold enough to rise up to tackle these issues head-on. She never found her until years later, when she reiterated her concerns and a friend said: “I think that person is you now, babe.” That person was Rachel indeed, and since then she has been coaching countless women to the realisation of their career dreams. Rachel's coaching methodology centres around the Three C's; Courage, Confidence, and Conviction, all of which she instils her clients with.

Rachel’s story is an uplifting success story that’s testament to the fact that women don’t need to “lean in, hustle, and work twice as hard” to achieve half of what men have in their careers - there is a better way. As a podcast guest she will discuss all of this and more, and can offer plenty of sound advice to listeners.

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Nour Barkallah

Nour Barkallah, a self-made author and the dynamic host of the Speak Up podcast, offers a bilingual experience as she engages in conversation in both Tunisian dialect and English. On her show, she delves into a mix of topics like her own life journey, feminism, personal growth, and mental health. As such, Speak Up is a cathartic experience for both host and listener. It’s a safe space particularly for women, where they can call or write in to share their stories - to which Nour can lend a supportive ear. Nour's priority as a podcast host has always been her audience. Through regular interaction with them about their thoughts and feelings and making sure they’re comfortable every step of the way, Speak Up becomes more than a podcast. It becomes a platform for women to let it all out, feel heard, and make connections with one another.

With tons of podcasting experience under her belt, Nour's on the lookout for not just inspiring women to feature as guests on her show, but also for chances to join in on other podcasts and add her input to conversations.

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Kate D

In Kate’s own words, “every podcast needs a quick-witted lesbian”, and Kate is just that to her podcast Happy 2 Be Here - as well as to the many other podcasts they have appeared on. They have only been podcasting for a year, but her natural charisma and breadth of presenting talent would have you believe Kate has spent a lifetime behind the mic. Happy 2 Be Here is a podcast about being in your early-to-mid twenties in the early-to-mid 2020s. During each episode, Kate and their guests discuss issues and topics around just that: therapy, sexuality, dating, astrology, moving, social justice, gender identity, social media, changing careers…the list goes on. As should be evident, Kate has a wide span of knowledge across lots of different topics, and would love to be invited on another podcast in the future to deliver her takes. Happy 2 Be Here is equally always appreciative of guests; particularly influential women, inspirational non-binary people in industries, and those just generally making waves within the LBTQIA+ community.

Navigating life as an emerging adult is difficult, but at the end of the day Kate is just Happy 2 Be Here. And, on that note, happy to connect on Kate uses she / they pronouns.

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Sherisse Bisram

Sherisse Bisram is a professional dancer, dance teacher, empowerment mentor, and public speaker, who describes her life as alchemy. She has taken the pain and hardships she faced and transmuted them into power, evolving into the authentically empowered version of herself she always wanted to be. Proud of her self-improvement journey, Sherisse aims to share it in hopes of aiding others - particularly those who identify with her journey of not conforming to societal expectations. Sherisse describes herself as real, relatable, unapologetically herself, and full of laughter - making a more than desirable podcast guest. As a professional dancer, Sherisse has travelled the world, performed on stage, and appeared in music videos. Her most recent and biggest credit to date is her role as a dancer in the latest Marvel film Eternals, and the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations on ITV.

Parallel to performing, Sherisse works with women's charity, AWA Dance (Advancing Women's Aspirations with Dance), as their dance and leadership facilitator. Sherisse achieved a Masters in Dance, with a focus in Female Empowerment.  Combining her self evolution, education, and life experiences, Sherisse has gained tools that have helped her to release the pain of her past, understand and conceptualise her emotions, and regain true authentic strength. Sherisse believes by sharing these tools with others with the incorporation of dance, that she will in turn, help them become the best versions of themselves.

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